Top Executive MBA Programs in Spain 2019

Intended for professionals who already have significant hands-on knowledge, the postgraduate Executive MBA (EMBA) degree is designed to give students the tools necessary to progress in their careers. You can even work while studying, since the real-world experience enriches the learning environment.

If you want to climb the corporate ladder and gain a managerial position, an MBA is for you. This program gives you the knowledge and skills to gain versatility, in terms of understanding, of a range of functional, business areas. Plus the ability to use tools and analysis, to contribute to strategic planning, and decision-making.

Business Studies in Spain

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MBA Master of Business Administration

Online & Campus Combined Part-time 24 months September 2019 Netherlands Maastricht Poland Warsaw Germany Kitzscher Spain Barcelona France Nantes Marseille + 9 more

The EuroMBA is more than an MBA. It offers managers a chance to develop their business skills while building an international network spanning the entire globe.

Blended Executive MBA

Deusto Business School
Online & Campus Combined Full-time 16 months February 2020 Spain Bilbao Madrid Spain Online France Paris + 4 more

The 16 month Blended Executive MBA program at Deusto Business School intends to address the new realities and challenges that executives currently face, in both the professional and personal scopes.

Executive MBA in English

OBS International - Online Business School
Online Full-time Part-time 12 months May 2019 Spain Barcelona + 1 more

The OBS Executive MBA stresses the strategic, international and innovative vision of business management, meaning that anyone responsible for a business, or a department thereof, must have a holistic view of the company, understanding that any strategic decision must be in line with the company’s strategy and be implemented in an innovative way.

Executive Master in Business Administration and Management (EMBA)

CESMA Business School
Campus Full-time 1 year May 2019 Spain Madrid

The Executive MBA of CESMA Business School , is an advanced and demanding program aimed at experienced professionals who want to be trained at the highest level, making their work compatible with studies.

Executive MBA

CESTE Business School
Campus Part-time 1 year February 2020 Spain Zaragoza

The Executive MBA is a Master’s in Business Administration especially oriented towards professionals, businessmen, and executives with a lot of professional experience. In addition to providing a global vision of the business world and encouraging the exchange of experience with professors (notable experts in their fields) and fellow students, our programme has an especially distinctive feature of fostering a didactic, daring, and practical human experience.

International Flex EMBA

MIP Politecnico di Milano School of Management
Online Full-time Part-time 20 months October 2019 Italy Milan France Nantes Reims United Kingdom Edinburgh Spain Madrid China Guangzhou Barcelona Belgium Brussels Glasgow Beijing Germany Munich Toulouse-le-Château + 18 more

International Flex EMBA (i-Flex) is a 20-month Executive MBA programme aimed at managers who want to combine international study with work commitments, using one of the most advanced digital learning platforms in the world, developed with Microsoft technology.

Executive Master in Business Administration and Management

ESIC Business & Marketing School
Campus Part-time 18 months October 2019 Spain Madrid Barcelona Valencia Seville Zaragoza Marbella Pamplona Bilbao Granada + 8 more

The Master in Business Administration and Management (EMBA) responds to the increasing levels of demand that managers and employers find in their day to day.

Executive MBA - Master of Business Administration

United International Business Schools
Campus Online Online & Campus Combined Full-time Part-time 1 - 3 years September 2019 Belgium Antwerp Spain Barcelona Brussels Madrid Japan Tokyo Switzerland Zürich Netherlands Amsterdam Italy Milan Geneva + 16 more

Our academic calendar is based on a quarter system (1 quarter = 10 weeks). Because of the program's flexible structure and modular design, multiple starting dates are available at the start of every Quarter and of every Term, in October, November, January, February, April, May, July, and August.

Executive MBA

Institute For Advanced Management (CEU - IAM)
Campus Full-time 450 hours October 2019 Spain Madrid

The EMBA will provide you with the key skills, managerial competencies, and tools to address new challenges and make successful decisions, and always based on the experience of recognized professionals and with a practical approach you can take advantage of right from the start.

Executive MBA in Digital Transformation

IEBS - Escuela de Negocios de la Innovación y los Emprendedores
Online 750 hours May 2019 Spain Barcelona

The Executive MBA in Digital Transformation is a unique and innovative program designed to prepare executives and managers with experience to manage change and direct processes of digitalization and transformation in organizations.

Emba online - master executive mba

EAE | Programas Distancia
Online Part-time 12 months September 2019 Spain Spain Online

The Executive MBA online (EMBA) is a demanding program. Participants are managers and experienced entrepreneurs, and therefore choose a practical training that will enable them to manage change in constantly changing business environments. Faced with increasingly competitive markets, this program offers a global strategic vision of the company and, in turn, promotes excellence in top management.

Executive MBA (EMBA)

OBS Business School
Online Full-time Part-time 12 months May 2019 Spain Barcelona Madrid + 2 more

The transformations undergone by the world today require a thorough analysis of the new competitive scenarios and the application of new business models. The growing volatility and complex global economies and their unquestionable interdependence place us in an environment characterized by uncertainty and ambiguity.

Master's own executive mba

Universidad Católica de Valencia
Campus Full-time 1 year September 2019 Spain Valencia

The Executive MBA (Executive Master in Business Administration) is a joint initiative of INEDE Business School and the Association for the Progress of Management (APD) based on business management techniques and endorsed by many years of success and experience of both institutions .

Executive mba

Instituto Internacional San Telmo
Campus Part-time 2 years February 2020 Spain Seville

The current complexity of the business world requires highly skilled managers and entrepreneurs. Globalization requires managers prepared to work anywhere in the world. The Master Program is aimed at developing the managerial skills of a select number of experienced professionals.

Mba master in business administration international executive

La Salle International Graduate School IGS
Campus Part-time 14 months September 2019 Spain Madrid

The MBAi Executive (MBAiE) is the result of combining a long experience of La Salle as a business school in the USA