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Program Description

The Executive MBA LATAM is a part-time program that internationalizes and promotes the careers of its participants, creating immediate value for their organizations.

It is characterized for being the only one with wide and exclusive focus in Latin America, under a modular format blend. The program is aimed at professionals with at least 5 to 6 years of managerial experience, who have the concern to see Latin America as a market and look for new horizons in their career or organization.

Our Program

  • 12 months duration
    Modular Format Blend.
  • 7 face-to-face modules of a week
    Chile, Colombia, Brazil, Panama, Mexico * and Miami *.
  • Aimed at senior professionals
    With 5 years of managerial experience.
  • The only MBA executive with a broad and exclusive focus in Latin America.

* Subject to modification.

An International Faculty widely recognized by

  • His unique ability to combine academic thinking with solving real problems.
  • Top-level research supported by the industry and the public sector.
  • Practical approach that combines the vanguard of management knowledge with real applicability.

Meeting points

  • Cities in Latin America with a high level of activity and development potential.
  • Leading companies in the region.

A vibrant community of

  • Research, entrepreneurship and learning activities involving leading multinational companies.
  • Platforms that promote the generation, dissemination and application of ideas.

An international program, transforming and applied to the reality of the company itself.

An international program, transforming and applied to the reality of the company itself.

Immersion in the challenges and opportunities offered by the main economies and sectors of Latin America.

Individual coaching for development of skills and abilities.

Project Country Opportunity Assessment , developed throughout the program with assistants, professors and local agents of each country.

High-caliber network of UAI graduates in LATAM.

Real learning for the real world: develop a real project applied to your organization throughout the program with the support of the faculty.


General information


  • Price: USD 45,000

Place of realization

  • Face-to-face modules will be held in the main capitals of Latin America: Santiago, Bogotá, Sao Paulo, Panama City, Mexico City * and Miami *.

* Subject to modification.

Dates and times

  • Start: September 2020.
  • Term: September 2021.
  • Schedule: Face-to-face modules from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.



Structure of the Program

Before the Program

There is a prior preparation for those participants who wish to review the fundamentals of management. This preparation is taught in blended format and allows you to face the challenging Executive MBA LATAM UAI with guarantees.

In parallel, participants work on two fronts, the first is about their personal and professional challenges as executives and managers; the second is about the sectoral challenges facing their organizations.

The previous work allows to personalize and individualize the integrating works and individual projects to the career development needs of each student.

During the Program

The program begins with an interdisciplinary workshop focused on deepening the business and institutional scope of Latin America. It goes through conceptual modules, the development of applied projects, leadership workshops and self-knowledge, digitalization and innovation workshops, and relationships with the leading companies in LATAM. The EMBA LATAM ends with a strategic integration workshop and the evaluation of the final works carried out for the organizations of the assistants.

Management and Business

The first modules address fundamentals of environment, business and organization. Challenges and business trends, business strategy, behavior and motivation of the organization, financial analysis for decision making, and leadership and change are discussed and analyzed. It provides a functional view on marketing, finance, innovation and design, operations and human capital management to generate strategies in each of the areas.

Knowledge Applied to the Own Company

The investment in an MBA must offer a return to the assistant and the company. Throughout the program, and in a cumulative way, the participant generates and processes internal and external information of their organization.

At the end of the program, the participant will have new ideas, strategies and execution plans for the challenges of their company. The individual projects applied to the organization itself serve to evaluate most of the branches. At the end of the program, knowledge and learning are concentrated in a document of high impact for your organization.

Business Vanguard

The electives personalize curriculum to the specific interests of the assistant. The Moral Compass confronts students with moral and value dilemmas, reflecting on management and leadership in today's environment. The project of term of program allows to integrate the previous knowledge and apply them to solve problems of the own company.

Personal development

Throughout the EMBA the student participates in a complete coaching program with interventions on a personal and group level that starts with a assessment for world-class executives, where he compares, evaluates and understands their strengths and weaknesses, in order to strengthen and manage your managerial career and leadership style. This program is complemented by workshops that develop communication skills, such as the "Effective Communication" and "Personal Branding" workshops.

After the Program

International Network

From day one, attendees of EMBA LATAM UAI are part of the largest alumni business network in Latin America, which allows access to regional markets and networks.


The students have the possibility of continuing to train by attending elective courses of future promotions of the EMBA LATAM UAI and participation in continuity talks.


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