Executive MBA


Program Description

Demand More of Yourself. Expect More in Return

The University of Ottawa Executive MBA is for those seeking the highest return on their personal and financial investment in a graduate business degree. Our Program provides the real-world learning experiences, the exposure to global business thinkers and leaders, and the emphasis on the management and application of technology to get ahead in today's knowledge-based economy. If you demand more of yourself and expect more in return, Ottawa's Executive MBA is for you.

Hands-On Learning, First-Hand Experience

The University of Ottawa Executive MBA equips you with experience to get ahead in the world of business. Our core focus is on real-world application of business knowledge and best practices:

  • you will undertake several hands-on consulting projects on behalf of real companies and organizations, on your own and as part of a team;
  • you will gain tangible, hands-on experience and be exposed to senior Canadian and international business leaders;
  • this practical, beyond-the-classroom approach is one of the key factors separating Ottawa's Executive MBA from all others.

An Integrated Global Perspective

To be a successful business leader, you must increasingly be attuned to the larger global picture:

  • The Program responds with a curriculum and faculty that will fully equip you with a global perspective, first-hand knowledge and experience in international markets with an appreciation for the impact of global economics and finance on business models and strategies;
  • Program modules such as "International Financial Markets" focus on developing this perspective;
  • Other courses consistently integrate global issues, trends, best practices, and key global considerations into the choice of case materials and practical examples to be provided in class.

The Fundamentals and Beyond

The University of Ottawa Executive MBA equips you for leadership in the knowledge economy through an innovative curriculum offering a unique combination of:

  • Real-world, hands-on consulting assignments and collaborative business projects that take your learning experience far beyond books;
  • A global business perspective that lets you see, operate and compete beyond borders;
  • Learning to manage in a technology-driven environment that goes far beyond e-Business.

Last updated May 2018