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About New Zealand An island country located in the southwestern portion of the Pacific Ocean, the country of New Zealand is actually made up of two islands, the North and South Islands, as well as a number of smaller islands surrounding the main land masses. It is located close to Australia, Fiji and Tonga and was one of the last remote areas to be settled by people. Today it still has many wild, remote areas, as well as its share of big cities. Known for its beautiful mountain ranges, often used as the backdrop for major motion pictures, New Zealand is considered a strong global performer in environmental protection. It's diversity and excellent education system draw many foreign students. Business Studies in New Zealand Students who study business in New Zealand benefit from the country's ethnic diversity and welcoming attitude. It has four major business schools offering advanced business degrees located in the major cities of Auckland, Wellington, Hamilton and Dunedin. These are modern, vibrant areas where students can enjoy the rich culture of the city, yet most are close to many of the outdoor and ecological features that are distinctive of the area. The academic year in New Zealand typically runs from March until November, although some universities are moving to a semester schedule similar to what is used in Europe, and a few operate on trimesters. Some also allow students to start in the middle of the school year, depending on the program of study. In order to enroll in a business school in New Zealand, students must be proficient in the use of language and have a qualifying secondary education. New Zealand boasts a free university education system, but only for New Zealand citizens. Foreign students should plan to pay between NZ $23,000 and $30,000 per academic year for advanced studies, such as business studies. The cost will vary based on the university chosen, however, and students will need to cover deadlines, fees and room and board as well. Business studies in New Zealand are considered a master's degree program, and they require two years on top of any required undergraduate training. After graduating, New Zealand business students will be poised for positions in businesses throughout the world, because New Zealand's universities are recognized internationally. Students can pursue upper level management and business positions, including running their own businesses, after earning a degree in business from a New Zealand university.

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