About Thailand

The Kingdom of Thailand is the land that was once known as Siam. This peninsula in Southeastern Asia is bordered by Lao, Burma, Malaysia and the Gulf of Thailand. Known for its capital city, Bangkok, which is its economic hub, as well as for its diverse population, Thailand has seen strong economic growth in recent decades. It is also known for its excellent quality of life, with a low cost of living and beautiful climate that make living in the country a true joy. Today, students can benefit from the low cost of living and cost of education in Thailand as they pursue education in the country.

Study Business in Thailand

Students who are studying business in Thailand will be able to find many universities that offer programs in English. This can be a benefit of studying in the country, as it gives students the chance to pursue a degree in an Asian country without the need to learn and master another foreign language. A Masters of Business Administration can take either one or two years in Thailand, depending on the program chosen, the school and whether the student studies on a full- or part-time basis. Thailand offers numerous benefits to students pursuing an international MBA program. First, the low cost of living helps offset the cost of the degree. Students will find that it is quite affordable to live in Thailand while pursuing their degree program. They also get the chance to study in a country with beautiful beaches and a tropical climate in the middle of Asia. While the cost for attending university in Thailand will vary depending on what you choose to study, low tuition costs are one of the perks of studying here. Add low cost of housing and you have an affordable opportunity for study. The Thai academic year is broken into two semesters, which run from June to October and from November to March. An optional summer session is also available from March through June. After graduation, students who receive an MBA in Thailand may not find that they are suddenly more desirable to potential employers. However, they will find that they are able to move up in their current positions more easily. They may also find that they are more attractive as a potential hire for companies in Bangkok and other parts of Asia.

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