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Who we are

Gdansk Foundation for Management Development (GFKM) is a training and consultancy firm specialising in providing training, support and development projects for managerial staff and employees of large and middle-sized domestic as well as foreign companies.

We are one of the largest and most experienced training institutions in Poland. We offer a full range of programs including Executive MBA, in-company training, open training, post-graduate studies, coaching programs and advisory projects, which ensure our clients an exceptional synergy of originality and practical value.

How we operate

At GFKM we employ state-of-the-art and practical solutions. However, we do not use particular methods simply for the sake of using them. What counts is the achievement of optimum results for the objective set. The tools we use on the Executive MBA course, during the development and advisory programs or training sessions, are carefully selected so as to enable participants to make the most of the classes.

The following are among the tools that we employ:

Activity Based Learning

Training sessions at GFKM are conducted with the use of intensive interactive techniques including a great number of case studies, exercises, real-life examples, videos and computer simulations. Trainers regularly employ Activity Based Learning (learning based on performing activities) in their classes.

The purpose of ABL changes the role of the tutor. It is more important for them to facilitate learning rather than be a respected authority that possesses concrete knowledge. If somebody is interested in something, be it a problem, sport or another activity, such a person will be helped to find out more about it. Training topics can be presented in an attractive form where games and experiments open the way to further knowledge.

Activity Based Learning is designated for adults who most often study for practical reasons in order to carry out a given task. The method consists of subordinating the course of training to one selected activity. Participants gain the knowledge and skills necessary to complete the particular task (mini-project) and work on it during their training. The ABL method is commonly regarded as the most appropriate for training sessions in business and for learning practical skills.

SDI – Strength Development Inventory

SDI is a tool which makes it possible to obtain information about motivational factors in two situations:

  • when everything proceeds well and
  • when there is conflict, contestation, and a stressful situation.

It is key information since it allows us to understand why certain people have an influence on us and how we can influence them! Besides this, we can learn how to recognize the real mechanisms that underlie inter human relations, as well as how to adjust our language to convey the message more flexibly and efficiently.

The consultants at GFMD have been trained by a British company to offer effective training with the use of the SDI method. During workshops students complete questionnaires, which give insights into their behavior according to the SDI method.

Insights Discovery®

Insights Discovery is a tool which supports the development of your organization and its staff. It is a questionnaire which examines the working styles in your work environment. It can be used during:

  • recruitment
  • improvement of communication among employees
  • negotiations with clients – it also works well for commercial strategies
  • motivation of employees by their superior during team building


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