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Renewables Academy AG (RENAC)

Renewables Academy AG (RENAC)

Renewables Academy AG (RENAC)


The Renewables Academy (RENAC) AG, based in Berlin, Germany, is one of the leading international providers for training and capacity building services on renewable energy and energy efficiency. Since our founding in January 2008, over 30,000 participants from over 165 nations worldwide have benefited from our expertise in the technology, financing, management and market development of green energy.

Our services include:

  • Master's degrees
  • Face-to-face and online ready-made training courses
  • Tailor-made training
  • Capacity building services: Capacity Needs Assessment, training materials, Train-the-Trainer, turnkey training centres, quality assurance
  • Consulting: Experts for international missions and organisation of delegations

Master's Degrees


In cooperation with the Berlin University of Applied Sciences and Technology, RENAC is running the Distance Learning Degree Programme since 2011: MBA Renewables.

Berlin University of Applied Sciences and Technology is a state-owned university that offers over 70 accredited degree programmes in engineering, sciences and business administration. It has more than 30 years of recognised experience in conducting Distance Learning programmes.


  • Berlin

    Renewables Academy AG Schönhauser Allee 10-11, 10119, Berlin

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