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Singapore Business School


Singapore Business School (SBS) was founded in 2014 and, until 2020, was working mainly in the B2B segment. Due to the situation with Covid-19, the school switched to the B2C segment.

The main reason for establishing this school was to open possibilities to everyone. SBS is a leading online business school offering the most affordable MBA program and the one with the lowest requirements. Our goal is to provide access to a highly appreciated business education to the broadest range of people from many countries.

We took many steps to make our program as cheap as possible, so it would be affordable even for people with lower-than-average incomes who are most interested in changing their financial situation. Getting an MBA degree can lead to a significant career change.

We cut all the unnecessary costs to achieve that. We don't participate in rankings and don't buy expensive accreditations. Our students' results speak for themselves. We don't have a campus, and our education is 100% online.

But what is more important, we change the lives of our students for the better, and that is our most outstanding achievement.


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