Our University is offering you modern study programmes, which are based on the coherence of both the theoretical and practical knowledge and are fully adapted to the modern changes in the Labour market. Our professors, assistants and the partners of our University will help you during your studies with their knowledge, experience, enthusiasm and unconditional support to acquire specialized knowledge which will help you to completely respond to challenges of modern business activities. With your choice, you are opening numerous possibilities when we are speaking about your personal engagement, not only within our university but all the Atlas Group, the member of which we are. In that way, you will be given the chance to improve and make better your knowledge, skills and competencies you acquire during your studies, but also to contribute to the future development and the prosperity of whole Group. Faculty of Business Studies “Montenegro Business School”, University “Mediterranean” Podgorica, is a young educational institution in Montenegro which is gradually extending its curriculum in order to satisfy a need for high-quality and up-to-date education of young people. The Faculty is also committed to the internationalization of education, as well as to the development of study programs in the English language. Following this commitment, the Faculty used an opportunity for cooperation with foreign universities within the Tempus project DEBUT- M.

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The postgraduate study program International MBA in Management, Finance, and Agribusiness offers multidisciplinary knowledge in a number of social sciences, particularly ... [+]

The idea for organizing this study programme was thoroughly discussed within the Tempus Project DEBUT-M, whose participants were the University of Debrecen (Hungary), Budapest Business School (Hungary), Scottish Agricultural College (the United Kingdom) and Wageningen University (the Netherlands). Teachers and researchers from all listed universities participated in the preparation of individual courses, as well as in the implementation of a pilot training consisting of the same subjects as listed in this application. The proposed programme is compatible with the postgraduate studies that are offered through the international framework - the International MBA Network in Agribusiness and Commerce. The Network gathers 16 universities in Europe and the USA and its main objective is to set standards for a high-quality system that is acknowledged in all participating countries. The universities in the Network are: Wageningen University; Scottish Agricultural College; Czech University of Agriculture in Prague; Warsaw Agricultural University; University College Cork; University of Wolverhampton; Humboldt University Berlin; University of Debrecen; Arkansas State University; Agricultural University of Ukraine; Timiryazev Academy Moscow; Budapest Business School; University of Hohenheim; University of Kazan; University of Belgrade; University of Zagreb and University “Mediterranean” Podgorica. Learning OutcomeThe postgraduate study programme International MBA in Management, Finance and Agribusiness offer multidisciplinary knowledge in a number of social sciences, particularly management, finance, economics, marketing, and agribusiness. Upon completion the graduates of this programme will be able to:... [-]

Montenegro Podgorica
February 2020
2 years
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