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Who we are The International Business School, the Business School and the Francisco de Vitoria University ADEN is an international academic institution with a presence in over 17 countries through its 27 offices.

Our main objective is to train the next generation of managers and help our students to "reinvent" and to boost much-needed change for tomorrow in companies they lead.

The great challenge of our educational model is the formation of professionals focused on the person and vocation to transform themselves to become agents of change in society and to contribute to this, we have created an extensive program of scholarships for students with talent that lack of economic means to come to form.

The heart of a great school composing, therefore, its students, and ADEN International Business School seek to contribute to the continued growth of personal and professional excellence of our students.

We have a senior faculty in all academic content, composed of full-time teachers with experience in applied research and consultancy in the world of business research, and a set of adjunct faculty which includes top professionals. Furthermore, we pride ourselves between our faculty to receive visiting professors of our 27 international locations.

In short, we are committed and dedicated community of teachers, professionals and students united so that our students acquire the necessary skills to become agents of change in the organizations in which they work or run, in a responsible manner, skills open and interdisciplinary.

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International mba

Campus Full time 9 months September 2019 Spain Madrid

Methodology based on experiment designed to learn how to make decisions in real-life scenarios and a low pressure environment. [+]

"Learning to lead is accomplished by directing"

BASED ON TESTING METHODOLOGY Designed to learn to make decisions in real-life scenarios and a low pressure environment. 32 simulators + a pedagogy of innovative classroom based experimentation. Proven for over 12 years. Used for the training of more than 45,000 managers from leading companies in Spain and Latin America. Playful, interactive, results-oriented. Designed to make optimal decisions that help you get the results you expect.

"Success is knowing you have chosen the MBA you will succeed as a professional"

NOW IT'S YOUR TURN. More than 45,000 students lead our major companies in Spain and Latin America. Networking with a network in 17 countries + international platform for customers. Our unique and innovative learning methodology to take real decisions. Teacher Quality: 1st in teaching quality in Madrid. International: You can study at any of our international offices. International practices network of over 1800 partner companies. Accredited in Europe, USA and Latin America title. The only premium MBA whose cost is 20% lower than the rest. [-]


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