Why Presidio Graduate School?

Sustainability in every course.

We don’t just tack sustainability on as an elective because the direction of the business and public administration depends on it. Each course is taught through a sustainability lens that trains students to view the world in systems – not just words and numbers. An understanding of how everything is connected is a Presidian superpower.

Collaborate your way to the top!

We work hard at creating a true learning community. Our faculty and student peers believe that intractable problems only get solved through mindshare. Class time includes workshop exercises, dyads, quick-fire sessions, dialogue, and lectures.

Work experience is education.

Most of us learn best by practicing and applying what we're taught, not by listening to lectures or simply reading books. Our Experiential Learning program and Applied Learning Practicum has students working on real-world planning projects for real companies making a real impact. This is part of 360-degree academics, the holistic learning experience.

Our Mission

Educate and inspire a new generation of skilled, visionary and enterprising leaders to transform business and public policy and create a more just, prosperous and sustainable world.

Our Vision

By nurturing innate leadership skills in diverse peoples with varying skills and interests, and fostering a supportive network among them, we will activate thousands of professionals across the globe and develop them into leaders who will design, lead, influence, and evolve prosperous enterprises for a sustainable future.

Our Values

These values are infused in everything we do in and out of the classroom.


Students at PGS educate one another, in the classroom and beyond. They challenge each other's assumptions, broaden each other’s range of experience and teach each other to see the world from varied perspectives. This vibrant lifelong network guides alumni through their careers and beyond.


PGS fosters an innovative and driven spirit. Ongoing engagement with key industry leaders as faculty, Change Agents in Residence, guest lecturers and trustees allow us a deeper perspective on leveraging innovation for the common good and prepares learners to design and lead pioneering enterprises, businesses, and organizations.


Creating a better world requires the utmost integrity, courage, and honesty. This is ingrained in our academics, operations, and relationships with students, alumni, faculty, accreditors, board members and the broader community.

Social Justice

Our community is inclusive. We collectively work in pursuit of social justice and the common good. We embrace all forms of diversity in our learners, staff, faculty, and Board of Trustees. Our student-led Diversity & Social Justice Committee continually drives us toward further inclusion.


PGS is deeply committed to ecological and social sustainability, which infuses our pedagogy, curriculum, and community. We prepare our learners to advance sustainability in businesses and organizations. As a leader in higher education, we seek to influence other universities to integrate sustainability into their program design.

Personal Development

While at PGS, learners experience a parallel journey of transformational leadership development and personal growth. Students understand the theory, develop skills and gain the personal mastery needed to be instruments of the change they wish to see in the world.

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Presidio Graduate School

Presidio Graduate School offers students the ability to earn two master degrees through the MBA/MPA Dual Degree in Sustainable Solutions program. Students complete this r ... [+]

"Business and government are so radically intertwined, and both fundamentally human institutions – the separation, if one ever existed, is increasingly thin - policy shapes business and business shapes policy and the same people are playing both sides of the game. Sustainability can't be fostered by business alone, nor government alone, but both working in concert." -Edward West, Founder, Mission Motors MBA '07, Presidio Graduate School

Summary of the MBA/MPA Dual Degree Program.

From Data Analytics and Sustainable Operations to CIvic Leadership and Public Sector Finance, our MBA/MPA Dual Degree students are able to see the entire playing field from multiple institutional perspectives, and have a comprehensive view of how to innovate and make a change. This is an ideal choice for students looking to have leadership roles in industries that operate between the public and private sectors, and who seek to align commercial and policy goals toward more sustainable outcomes.... [-]

USA San Francisco
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3 years
Online & Campus Combined
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Presidio Graduate School

Tomorrow’s business leaders must understand the many complex and interdependent issues that define sustainability, from climate change and clean tech to stakeholder engag ... [+]

Connecting rigorous management theory and practice with ecological and social awareness, systems thinking and sustainable leadership.

Please note: Due to the hybrid (blended online/monthly in-person courses) course structure, All PGS programs are not open for international students requiring a student visa.

Our Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree in Sustainable Solutions is for those who envision a more just, prosperous and sustainable world. Presidio Graduate School empowers students to become skilled and visionary leaders, change agents and entrepreneurs in any field or enterprise. The most distinctive element of our programs is our signature integrated curriculum designed to connect rigorous management theory and practice with ecological and social awareness, systems thinking and sustainable leadership.... [-]

USA San Francisco
September 2019
2 - 4 years
Online & Campus Combined
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PGS Alumna Profile - Divya Srinavasan (C22)